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"The Wall"

Gazing along the Wall today, the names I did not want to see,
As twenty years of sorrow and grief, overpowered even me.
So turning slowly to move away, I felt the power of it all,
As 58,000 inscribed Names beckoned with their call.
And there among the blackened panels,
The names reached out to me.
They tightened my throat and filled my eyes,
For all the world to see.
The clap of thunder, that was not thunder,
Still rings within my ears,
And memories of their vacant stares, have followed me for years.

I heard their voices over again, I felt their sickening pain.
As the friends of mine and yours and more,
Lay dying in the rain.
Who made the choices? Who drew the names?
Why them and why not me?
And it's haunted me day to day since then,
For reasons I could not see.

Don't turn away. Don't hang your head.
Don't leave us now they call.
Instead come close and talk awhile.

We're always at "The Wall."

Courtesy of Dave/11bravovet SSG 1st of the 14th Infantry RVN





Visiting The Past by Abel





The military history in my family can be easily traced back to the Civil War and probably further with a little effort.  We have lost family members in two wars and we presently have two family members in the U.S. Army serving our country on foreign soil.  One of them is in Germany and the other is in Afghanistan.  My daughter served in the Army and is currently in the Army Reserves.   As a father, this terrified me but as a veteran, I have never been prouder of her.

We have always been proud to serve our country and we've always gone where we were asked to go and done what we were asked to do.




Three of us served during the Vietnam Era.  My uncle and cousin were U.S. Marine Corps and I enlisted in the U.S. Army.  I was younger and by the time I enlisted the war was almost over.  I had mixed emotions about my enlistment.  I had seen how the media and the American public had treated our soldiers upon their return home.  It was NOT the reception that they deserved!  This was the first time that I had ever been disappointed in my country but I still wanted to serve in whatever capacity asked of me. 

My uncle escorted our cousin's body from California back home to Texas.  His name is on The Wall.




Many years have passed since then and we are again at war.  There are still faint prejudices being demonstrated against the veterans of the Vietnam war.  The grumblings coming from the American public about our current conflict is reminiscent of the early years of that war.  There are a few things that we have to immediately do as a country to make things right.  We have to be strong and united and prevent history from repeating itself.  We need to welcome home our veterans returning from foreign countries (regardless of whether their mission was peaceful or combat). We need to honor and respect all veterans.  We need to tell a Vietnam vet "Welcome Home".  We need to stop by The Wall and say "Thank you!  I will not forget!"
















This page was created in memory of my cousin and my adopted MIA. You are my heroes. I will not forget!

Your stars shine brightly in the depths of the midnight sky.


Thank You


  To the individuals that created the graphics and audio file for their patriotism and compassion. I would also like to thank them for their generosity in making them available on the net. Thanks Doc! Thanks Ron!


  To Dave / 11Bravovet SSG, R.V.N., 1/14 Infantry, 4th Inf. Div. for permission to use his poetry on this page. I appreciate it! To experience more of Dave's Poetry, please visit his site The Power of Words, A Soldier's Story.


  To all veterans past, present, and future.


Proud to be an American! Proud to have served my country!



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