The Journey


There are dragons and demons that face us each day

They torture and torment us and get in our way

Creating confusion, frustration, despair, disbelief

Then sit back on their haunches and laugh at our grief


Daylight turns to darkness with the evils that we face

As we look towards the horizon to find the safest place

Constantly seeking for the courage to stay strong upon our path

For if we trip and stumble we will feel the creatures' wrath


Continuing forward in our journey as we face another day

Clinging to what faith we have will help show us the way

All the pain and suffering that these wicked creatures send

Replaced by peace and comfort when we finally reach the end
















Courtesy of Thunderstorm








Losing A Light

(For Tony)


At Chamberlain on the road back home

I got the call that you were gone

I knew you’d leave me here someday

But to hear the news blew me away.


It’s a colder world you leave behind

You weren’t one in a million, you were one of a kind

Loved by everyone you knew

I can’t believe your journey’s through.


Through all your years we shared our lives

The ups and downs on that road we ride

You were more than a blood and a club Brother man,

You were just like my son, you were my best friend.


It broke your heart when I did time

For being selfish, drunk and blind

But still you’d come to visit me

And through your eyes I learned to see.


I won’t betray what you believed.

You always showed your pride in me,

A thousand people told me so

You took me everywhere you’d go.


I close my eyes and I have to laugh

Your sense of humor was a master’s craft

You made me see I’m worth a damn

You shaped me into who I am


I could never count the lives you touched

The ones I’ve met you moved so much

I look around this room today

At all these friends and see their pain


I also know the fight you had

As your body went from good to bad

But you never let it dim your light

There’s a bright new star in the sky tonight


Your last few days were spent with those

You missed the most, you loved and chose

You came home happy and went to sleep

Something in you felt complete


You broke the lock that held you here

I’ll see you in a few more years

With two of us inside this vest

I’ll ride for both of us, I guess




Thank you Tony for the honor of being your Brother.

There will never be another like you.

I Love You

Goodbye for now….















Brothers Steel


Once again on that twisting road

No cares, no worries, for a time

Together we'll stop and take a stroll

Onlookers peer at our road grime

Into a house of fun and cheer,

Packs of steel surround

Friendly smiles and ice cold beer

One more for the road they tossed around

Years of miles earned they told the keeper

Well worth the trip, time to head back

The clock struck nine when they met the Reaper

As safe as they could be within the pack

In our hearts they are free

We'll never forget our brothers steel

A true brother they will always be



In memory of Jack


















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