I would like to request that you pause for a moment of silence in memory of those still listed as POW/MIA.






















"Hopes & Dreams"

Beneath the darkness of the clouds, in a POW's dream.

Beneath the silence broken now, in an agonizing scream.

Resides the letters of imprisoned Soldiers, brave hearts..but not alone.

Continuing to hold the lasting hope, of someday coming Home.

They went to War when they were called, a Patriotic deed.

Their wives, sweethearts, and families here, holding on with continuing need.

To run to them with open arms, their tear streaked faces cry.

You were not forgotten because of us,

Who wouldn't let you die.

So welcome home my brother, or my husband, or my son.

It's not a dream...my Soldier..,Your life is now begun.

Oh!..to make that possible, to have Freedom ever ring!

Turn the pages of the Web,

To a Rosebud in
The spring!


Courtesy of Dave/11bravovet SSG 1st of the 14th Infantry RVN






There has only been two times that I have ever been disappointed in my country.  The first time was observing how our veterans returning from Vietnam were being treated by the American public and media and how they still are discriminated against today.  The second time is in the lack of an aggressive pursuit in the part of our  government to bring our POW/MIAs home.

Our citizens that are currently serving and our veterans are proud of their military service and would rather give their life for than bring dishonor to their country.  "Death before dishonor!" If one of our citizens or troops turns their back on our country by refusing orders or conspiring with our enemies, they would face serious consequences - court martial, prison, dishonor to self, family, and country, and possibly death.  What is the difference in our country turning its back on our POW/MIAs? Our enemies would be victorious if national chaos was created by American citizens turning their backs on our politicians and our government in this same manner.

 The tremendous advances in science and technology that were unavailable 10, 20, 30 years ago would significantly aid in the search.  These men and women gave their all in the service of our country and our citizens and politicians need to give their all to our heroes who deserve to come home.

I regret to inform you that the DoD stated on January 4. 2004 there are still 1870 unaccounted for American personnel in Southeast Asia.


There is a tremendous global network of support and tributes honoring and fighting for the return of our POW/MIAs across the internet and the creation of this website has provided me the opportunity to join this distinguished community.  The voice has got just a little bit louder.

One of my personal heroes is my adopted MIA Sgt. Joseph L. Simpson.  He is from Colorado like me and waiting for his country to bring him back to his family and his home.  His memory shines brightly in my heart and on his bracelet I proudly wear on my wrist.  Click on his bracelet above to view the incident report that I received after submitting my adoption application.

I would like to encourage you to become a warrior in the battle.  If you are interested in adopting a POW/MIA, please click on the bracelet shown to the left.  If you are interested in visiting other POW/MIA related sites, please visit the links below.  Make your voice be heard and write to your representatives and ask what our government is doing to make things right and bring our POW/MIAs home!







When you look up tonight and see the stars, please ask yourselves just why?

We have the technology to send Men there,

But ..let a P.O.W. die?

Surely just to find a Man, and bring him home to Peace.

Has to be #1 on the roster, Please make Their agony cease!

Console their Children and Families here?, with untruth and with lies?

Hopefully there's a President soon, With Compassion in their eyes.

We'll understand and might forgive, mistakes that have been done.

And as you look for Answers..Sir, a suggestion..here is one.

Have the Guts to state a Fact..Have the Will to Try!

Please understand we're waiting still.

Don't let Another Die!


Courtesy of Dave/11bravovet SSG 1st of the 14th Infantry RVN














This page was created in memory of my adopted MIA and all Americans still listed as POW/MIA.

We will not give up the battle until you are all brought home.  We will not forget!


Thank You


  To the individuals that created the graphics for their patriotism and compassion. I would also like to thank them for their generosity in making them available on the net. Thanks Doc!


  To Dave / 11Bravovet  SSG, R.V.N., 1/14 Infantry, 4th Inf. Div. for permission to use his poetry on this page. I appreciate it! To experience more of Dave's Poetry, please visit his site The Power of Words, A Soldier's Story.


  To all veterans past, present, and future and their families.


Proud to be an American! Proud to have served my country!



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